I know all of my fans are wondering what the fuck is going on with The Black Wall Street. Hear it from the horses mouth. I was forced to switch the domain of my former website to due to the disrespect shown towards me from ex-employees who decided to turn their backs on me & my imprint because they felt they weren't getting enough money out of me.
In the past year (2005) I have spent over $1.5 million dollars on my homies & employees of The Black Wallstreet label. I bought niggas Nu cars, gave niggas thousands of dollars in cash daily, paid for niggas to go on trips that hood niggas will never be able to go on in their lifetime. I took care of niggas kids, paid niggas rent, gave niggas jewelry & a lot of other shit that I didn't have to do. All that and I HAVE NEVER ASKED FOR ANYTHING in return from them. I let niggas live, let them make money off ME using my name, selling my shit all without asking for a cut, and gave them the opportunity of a lifetime to do whatever they want, opening the doors very few ever see to get in the business and giving them the chance to make something legal, positive, and legit out of their lives.

All you niggas had to do was be men & apologize for trying to fuck over a good nigga!!!! Their came a time when I felt like I was being taking advantage of by the people closest to me & like anybody else would, I got fed up. A lot of my homies & former employees have continued to disrespect my company & my name by selling my T-Shirts & mixtapes behind my back making thousands of dollars & keeping 100% profit without cutting myself or anyone else in (even after they sent in resignation notices from the Black Wall Street) and talking shit about me. This whole situation has been a total fuckin nightmare for me but as a man I will deal with this as I have every other obstacle that has surfaced since the beginning of my career.

I never thought my own family & homies would turn their back on me, but Dr. Dre told me that this day was gonna come 3 years back. For my fans on I have a Nu website which is!!! If you wish to e-mail me about this matter or any other you can e-mail me personally at For the fans & people who decide to stay on the old site I wish you guys the best but I will not be affiliated with the old site EVER. I don't and never did hold any grudges with the niggas that tried to fuck me & take food out of my sons mouth (I always let them be and do them and never stopped them), but I will never ever forgive those who turned their back on me.

I came in this mothafuckin' world by myself & I will die BY MYSELF!!!! Niggas can say whatever they want about me behind my back but when I see em' they curl up like little bitches. If that last sentence offended you then that means you one of the niggas who tried to fuck me. TRY AGAIN MOTHERFUCKER"!! I will close this letter by saying, I ended Joe Buddens career, smashed what was left of Memphis Bleek, waisted the Young Guns & killed G UNOT ALL by myself!!! There is no one else worth beefing with. Oh yeah, fuck Spider Joke & all them fake ass G UNOT crips........ Again FUCK SPIDER JOKE & ALL THEM FAKE ASS G UNOT CRIPS !!! Spider please stop trying to fool these fans into believing your a factor in this L.A. Gangbangin' shit. You don't even come outside & I know 100 crip & blood gangs lookin for yo buster ass nigga. How you gone be from a crip gang in L.A. and then be from G UNOT crip (and get G UNOT tattooed on your body before you get your OWN gang ). Now 50 is the leader of a crip gang?? huh??? ha ha ha ha ha 50, aint NEVER puttin' yo shit out nigga. And I been had a diss record ready for you in the vault, but your shit was such garbage it aint even worth puttin out and givin you any shine. I've never before heard a rap nigga TRY to bang as hard as you do on records and in interviews, its obvious the reason your around them cops is because 50 is "tryin to start a war on a coast he aint from" between bloods and crips, and capitalize off it while innocent niggas die in the middle and he laughs all the way to the bank. Don't let someone throwin a little money your way change who you are. Loyalty first. Open your eyes........... G UNOT is DEAD !!!

As for Lil' Eazy, you will never be ya father you little disrespectful shit......... R.I.P. Eric "Eazy- E" Wright. Funny how you were cheesin on my DVD 6 months ago, but now that your album about to come out and single has gotten NO play (EVEN in L.A. radio stations- YOUR home town), you decide to take the 50 route and try to get attention and sales by sparking up beef. The public sees right through you and your ghostwriter. Keep dissin me, you niggas is krazy ! I single handedly brought the west coast back & opened the doors for all you punk ass niggas & this how you act.
I aint even talkin shit im stating facts, who is the ONLY rap artist in the past 10 years to go even Platinum from the West besides Dre, 2Pac, & Snoop??? Put ya album out, the whole world will laugh at you niggas. Niggas in the streets keep threating my life but everyday I wake up breathing. I walk witt GOD niggas & I will die before I let another nigga take food from Harlem & remember if you comin' to kill me there is a 50% chance you might not make it out, so COME ON NIGGA !!! IM OUT HERE EVERYDAY !!!
So there it is, "The Black Wallstreet" C E Mothafuckin-O. Niggas tryna sue me cause I switched sites & they can't make no more money off me behind my back AFTER they already quit (if they quit, why they still usin my name and everything I built single-handedly). Give me a reason to write "400 Bars" I'm beggin you niggas. MO Money Mo Problems........ Suck My Dick !!!

Hurricanes in-stores Dec. 26th
"Waist Deep" in theatre's April
"The Doctor's Advocate" in stores 06'
You niggas get ready, matterfact I'll sit & wait for the haters to jump right back on my DICK when my next album drop ha ha ha ha............Aftermath / Black Wall Street motherfucka's

To my fans: if you lookin for me, I'll be on This will be the last time I say it 1.
I brought the "WEST COAST" back, what YOU do

"The GaMe"



In "The Documentary" liner notes, The Game credits Big Fase 100 for ďmoldin' me into the man I am today.Ē However, Fase, paternal blood brother of Game, says he's through with Black Wall Street - a company he helped found. Fase charges that he and others in his tightly knit Compton community rallied behind The Game only for the wildly successful rapper to turn on them. Meanwhile, the Game alleges that heís been financially abused to the sum of $1.5 million and other expenses.
The Cedar Block Piru Blood remains committed to a career in entertainment with or without Game's cosign. Big Fase 100 has started My World Management, steering the careers of Glasses Malone, Life and other rap artists. With their rift widening, is this a case of "Game & Abel" or sibling rivalry waiting to heal itself? spoke to Big Fase 100 in search of some insight.

Well, first of all, tell people who you are.
Big Fase 100: Iím The Gameís older brother, basically the inspiration behind The Game.

So, you are like the O.G.?

Big Fase 100: Iím about to be 30 years old, so I canít say O.G. I just went from being a young n***a with O.G. homies, to being an older homey. I didnít start anything. Speaking on that G thing, Iím the one that people recognize when Game says what he says. If somebody needs go back and say, "Is this guy for realí" Iím the one they say, "If thatís his brother, then heís for real."

Did you used to rap?
Big Fase 100: Basically, I used to rap from Ď89 all the way to Ď95. I kinda cut it out because s**t got real bad for me out in the streets, so I had to go full-time with my hustle and as a father.

What were things like for you as a rapper?
Big Fase 100: As a rapper, its funny, because the way s**t came about I was always into rap. I have so many CDís and I always collect everybodyís s**t. As a rapper, I found it hard, it was like when Death Row was poppin.í I always been right here in Compton, but it never made out to nothing for me. I guess it never got to the right people.

Was Game a passing of the torch for you?
Big Fase 100: Game, with him being my little brother and everything, he always pushed the basketball thing and I wanted more for us so I pushed that in his direction. Once that didnít happen, whether it was [his] attitude or getting in trouble with the authority, his basketball career didnít flourish. And he hit the streets with me as a grown man and he got a lilí hands on and he started hustling with me. Um, I donít know, I donít knowí We had the lilí spot and he ended up getting shot. The Documentary tells this story. His whole hustle was born out there out there. We was grindiní and it was grimy. He ended up getting shot after that. Contrary to him sayiní it was just an attempt [on his life], basically what happened was somebody came to our door at 2 AM. The way we had it set up, we shut down at 12 AM - the whole spot. Him opening that door at 2 AM was not the business. That wasnít what [I] had planned. That wasnít the way big brother set up the rulesí as far as the hustle went. I hate to say it, but he may have gotten shot out of greed. He donít at those type of things when he tells that story. Two in the morning, it had to be [greed], I donít think it was no b***h.

Were you in the house at that point?
Big Fase 100: No, I spent the night away with my kids. When I had got the word in the morning, because I got one of those baby mommas where you gotta leave your phone in the car. So, I didnít get the call that woke me up in the middle of the night like most people. Once I found all that out, I went to the house and everything was in real shamble.

Big Fase 100: Another thing he said and it kind of hurt me that he said it Ď that I didnít come and visit him in the hospital [after he got shot]. Now, that is true, I got to the apartment that next morning and saw the s**t in shambles and he got home a couple hours after that. I got my brother shot, I got f***iní guns missing, I got cash, police probably got weed. Being a smart man, I can't run to the hospital. He ainít spend no days in no coma. What was it a 30-minute comaí He was out of the hospital the next day. I wouldnít be saying this unless he said I didnít come see him in the hospital.

When did you stop hustling?
Big Fase 100: I stopped when "The Documentary" dropped.

Whatís your role with The Game now?
Big Fase 100: Zero. None.

What do you mean "zero"?
Big Fase 100: I have no role.

Have you talked?
Big Fase 100: We havenít talked in months.

What happened with your falling out with Game?
Big Fase 100: Basically, like I told you, I quit my hustle when "The Documentary" dropped. The way it was put to me, this is what we were doing and "our" life was about to change. Basically, what Iíve done is Iíve set the stage and I created the backdrop for The Game. I mean, his n***as that have been visible for the past year, those have been my n***as. Basically, what I did, I provided the background story for Game. I got so much love where I am, and you know me and you never heard of my brother Ė you love him too. We donít share the same mother, we share the same father. For lack of a better word, I certified his gangster. A year later, me and everybody that loves me, weíre left out here with nothing.
My hood, which is Cedar Block, ain't never been like the big gang where there are 200-300 niggas. My hood is real family based. We got our perimeters. I donít say have, because we really not that no more. The gang is the gang, but the opportunity that was before us was the possibly and the opportunity to turn all this into positives. And somebody that opposed me said, "Why would you let your brother represent your hood when he wasnít really from thereí" I did it to bring closure to this gang s**t. My focus was positive. I had no other goals, no hidden agenda.

When was the last time you saw The Game?
Big Fase 100: The last time I saw my brother was in Vegas - we flew to Vegas after the VMAís. Miami was the where the VMAís were. The whole VMA weekend. He had me fly out a bunch of our guys for the whole numbers look. Thereís strength in numbers. He wanted to fly everybody that could make it. The treatmentís changed as time has gone one. We are on one yearís time. Everything has been changing, but it all boiled down in Miami. Let's say for one instance, we met with Suge on the beach.

Yeah, I heard about that.
Big Fase 100: Somebody told us he was down the street at a hotel. There about 20-something n***as. We walk to this hotel. Eastwood sees Petey Pablo and he tells Petey Pablo, "Go get Suge." He went in the building and he didnít come out. My brother turns to me and he says, "Fase, it's your call. Do we go in and talk to this n***a or whatí" Iím like, "Dog, this n***a is not going to give you no real s**t. Heís going to tell you what you want you hear. You not going to get no man-to-man. I donít see the point in talking to this man at all." He been trying to talk to me since The Game was about to come out. Through the streets, [Suge said,] "Tell Fase to holler at me," Iím not hollering at you. He wasnít trying to holla at me [now, 'cause he wasn't] when I was a rapper. Suge wasnít never f***in with me, so I didnít feel the need to satisfy him in a conversation. Basically itís our turn. If we gonna fall,we gonna fall. We donít need Sugeís help whatsoever - he didnít offer it. Regardless of what I said, five minutes later we up in there and heís having this one-on-one with Suge, but five minutes before, it's, "Fase it's your call."

You havenít tried to reach out recently, have you?
Big Fase 100: I gave up. When I left, I emailed him, I said, "respect is everything to me and I donít see that anybody from you or the people involved in this. And it didnít used to be this way and before I let anybody disrespect me, Iíll just back totally up from the Black Wall off." Next thing I know is, "Fase quit" and everybody [down with me] is given an ultimatum "You quit tooí" I never wanted a free ride. I very useful, Iím not just a gangster in the street. Iím a guy that just happens to be a gangster.

There seems to be talk specifically about his new website...
Big Fase 100: At the beginning of The Game and me setting the backdrop for the game, my partner insisted that he get a website, aside from what Interscope had set up. We promoted, we took over and we made relationships to where other websites. For example, if you hit for those couple days, you would get our site []. We got up with these people to get this type of promotion. We provided that for him. A month or so ago, I didnít see it getting no better. I reached out to sell the website to Game just so we can feed our families. So, why donít you buy this from us and, in return, we wonít slur you on this website. We wonít go out of our way to let the people know you arenít the man you say you are. He opted not to do that. Now, not only do they have the, they have the The Game didnít care about the internet. I told him to name his price. Just give us what you think is right. Thatís how broke we are over here. Heís doing his best to make his big brother look like a peon, which Iím not.

Will you ever return to rap?
Big Fase 100: I donít think that itís something that I will do. I penned something [but probably won't release it]. It came out kinda hot, but Iím not recording that s**t. Iím not no rapper. I build rappers. Iím okay with that. My brother didnít just start rappiní after he got shot either. He didnít start rapper when he got shot. I recall being in that house and telling him, the bills are due and you sitting these writing raps. This is before he got shot. I also recall being in the middle of my little rap career and leaving out the house and coming back in and my rap book being missing. "Lilí bro, where did my papers go?" He came and he brought them to me with them balled up and say "I found them in the trash." He was taking my raps. He was really interested in it. He would go to school and say my [raps] in his words. His younger sister, sheís rapping too so Iím hoping to do something with her too. This is an actual gift from my dad. I donít see this getting resolved. If it gets resolved, it wonít be coming from me, because I made a decision that I would die before I reach out to my little brother.

Thatís strong.
Big Fase 100: Yeah, that is strong. Iím a man, [The Game] canít die with that money.

He's said he put a lot of money into his team and website...
Big Fase 100: He says something like he flew us around the country and spent $1.5 million, which is a lie. Just like you brought this block that you will never come to, which is a lie. I ainít had $50,000 in my pocket since this shit started. His Ford truck that he gave me got repossessed last month. When all this first began, he said, ďBig bro, we gonna be rich.Ē Also, my nephew is a new life and heís coming up in the middle of this. I may never really get to know my nephew. I have three children; my son is younger than his. At the same time, my daughters were here before the Game came into existence. On "I donít need your love," [Game], he says "I got nieces to feed." I can get them a better Christmas last year off my hustle money than this year off my brother being out in one yearís time and selling all the records he sold.

Would you say that The Gameís Documentary is your own life and not his?
Big Fase 100: My documentary would say, heís been rappiní since Ď89 and in the streets since Ď88 non-stop. My brother says on "Westside Story," that "I caught cases." I would ask him, "What cases do you catchí" Yeah, you got shot. I caught cases with a key and three pounds of weed and in the evidence room. I set the stage and the backdrop and heís living my life, basically.

What is your opinion of something of that things Game has done over the year, like say the butterfly tattoo? That was interesting.
Big Fase 100: The butterfly tattoo, the butterfly tattoo is part of me losing my brother. Our understanding and our common bond. That is the mark of s**t changing. He said its representative of a new lifeÖ that his brother had nothing to do with, that I was not included in. It ainít gangsta at all, but when he got it, I was right by his side. It put me in an awkward position, but [I told people] you think he soft, f**k with the n***a. He put a butterfly on his face Ė f**k with the n**a. Heíll f**k ya a** up. He ainít no punk n***a, but something ainít right that he doing his folks like this.

This is crazy. I didnít think it was gonna be like this.
Big Fase 100: It's real bad. And I been still caring about my brother and my brotherís career. After hearing his [mixtape song] music, I realize this n***a must donít give a f**k about me. I donít know whatís to become of it all. I doing what I gotta do and Iím pushing forward in the new year.